A&B Die Casting employs leading-edge equipment to provide complete prototyping services for parts and tooling. Our comprehensive in-house capabilities and network of strategic partners ensure that our customers receive prototype models quickly and efficiently.

Our Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) system saves our customers time and money and will change how you think about prototyping, design verification, and manufacturing.

How? FDM is a type of 3D printing technology that is versatile, cost-effective, quick, reduces waste, and is easy to customize.


Our FDM system offers you:

  • IMG Versatility: Our FDM system can be used to create a wide variety of parts with different shapes, sizes, and complexity levels. This makes it a versatile technology for various industries, from manufacturing to healthcare.
  • IMG Cost-effective: FDM is a relatively low-cost 3D printing technology compared to other prototyping methods.
  • IMG Speed: Our FDM system can produce parts relatively quickly, which makes it an excellent choice for prototyping.
  • IMG Customization: Utilizing FDM allows for quick and easy customization of the design.
  • IMG Material options: Our FDM system can utilize a variety of materials (including thermoplastics, nylon, and metal-infused filaments) which allows for a broader range of functional prototypes.
  • IMG Reduced waste: Since FDM is an additive manufacturing process, it only uses the necessary material to create the prototype. This reduces waste and makes it a more sustainable approach.

Our engineering process includes (but is not limited to):

In addition to our FDM system, we machine prototypes out of billet, create single-cavity prototype tooling, and offer various other prototyping solutions depending on your specific needs.

At every stage of the development process, A&B Die Casting capitalizes on our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team to bring you more value.

A&B Die Casting is committed to delivering the highest quality parts with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Request a quote now and let’s get started on your next project.